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When choosing Nonosa™ products you can rest assured that you get only the best products that meet all your standards for performance, sustainability, and safety. Nonosa™ devotes all energy and competencies solely to one business: high quality beauty accessories.

Nonosa™ employs the best experts in manufacturing and design. We review trade journals, meet with vendors, and solicit specific data from manufacturers all over the world in our attempt to use the most cost effective and sustainable solutions for Nonosa™ products. Nonosa™ also contracts with third party testing laboratories and regularly performs thorough tests and safety evaluations as well as consumer performance evaluation reviews.

The Nonosa™ purchasing team, working together with a number of local manufacturers, has developed a whole range of environmentally friendly products and we work closely with our suppliers, wholesalers and customers to assure we fully comply with all labeling and formulation specifications. We have invested in a state of the art 70,000+ square foot factory to be able to handle the demand for high quality beauty products professionally, ethically and responsibly. Our experienced technical team works diligently monitoring the latest sustainable raw material developments and newest production techniques, therefore we have the experience, innovation and commitment to quality to exceed your expectations.

Nonosa Factory
Nonosa Production Process


Nonosa™ strives to innovate and create new products in a constant dialog between science and marketing. We proud ourselves in listening attentively to consumers on every continent and on observing their behavior where beauty is concerned. The great diversity of beauty rituals worldwide is a great inspiration for us. Nonosa™ research teams also develop strategic partnerships with scientific experts or local start-ups to explore new solutions and products.

Nonosa™ recruits experts in various fields and specializations from product development and manufacturing to marketing and distribution. Nonosa™ also picks the most competent and motivated graduates from top schools and encourages them to be the future leading lights in the beauty industry.