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Nonosa Makeup Brush Set


The Nonosa™ makeup brush set is a high-quality set of all must-have brushes for the eyes, cheeks, and complexion. The set contains a powder brush, a small contour brush, a fan brush, a blending shadow brush, a precision shadow brush, a smudge brush, an angled liner brush and a brow comb/brush all safely packaged in a beautiful travel case. All Nonosa™ makeup brushes are made of silky soft premium synthetic hair. Our brushes do not shed hair or hurt your skin. The four different types of brush heads (angled, round, flat and tapered) allow professional and easy application for all kinds of makeup. The Nonosa™ makeup brushes are suitable to flawlessly apply all forms of makeup, including creams, liquids, minerals and powders. The shafts of the Nonosa™ brushes are made of high-quality performance alloy and durable wood.


The Nonosa™ makeup brush will show your natural beauty and leave a flawless finish. It is made of high quality synthetic hair which provides superb ability to hold powder while still being super soft and comfortable for the skin. Compared to standard brushes, the new Nonosa™ makeup brush has two to three times more fibers. It is perfect for both seasoned professionals and amateurs exploring their beauty. The Nonosa™ black makeup brush is ideally for liquids, cream, powder and any type of foundation to produce a beautiful face and eye makeup application. The shaft of the Nonosa™ black makeup brush is made of high-quality performance glass fibre reinforced plastic. It is durable but still light and easy to use.

Nonosa Black Makeup Brush