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The Nonosa™ Makeup Brush Cleaner is made of high quality, durable and non-toxic silicone. It is of great use for cleansing any of your makeup brushes conveniently and professionally. The smaller knobs on the top are used for foaming and lathering while the grooves on the bottom of the cleaning tool are used to agitate the bristles. The width of the opening in the middle is perfect for two fingers to hold the brush cleaning tool easily. The compact size of 2.1 x 1.3 x 2.9 inches is perfect to take the makeup cleaning tool wherever you go. Regular use of the makeup brush cleaner will extend the life of your brushes and keep them clean and sanitary. Whenever you finished applying your makeup just gently scrub the bristles of any makeup brush over the cleaning tool to remove powder, cream and liquid makeup with ease. In just a few seconds, you can use the Nonosa™ makeup brush cleaner to get every brush in your collection spotless using a mild shampoo, facial cleanser or your favorite makeup remover. The Nonosa™ makeup cleaning tool is perfect both for use at home or while you are traveling.

Nonosa Makeup Brush Cleaners